Flickr and Non Profit Organizations

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Flickr has become one of the most beneficial internet tools for nonprofit organizations to get their goals out to the public. In an article entitled “How Nonprofits Can Get The Most Out Of Flickr” the author tells four stories of successes within nonprofits organizations due to their flickr accounts. For example, there was a story about an organic farming industry that documented the growth of their crops over a specified period of time. They decided to place the photos on flickr as proof of their efforts and the successes they have seen. Another example was about a museum that was sponsoring an event that would take place in five different cities. The team used flickr to document their photos and share their information from city to city to make the event a success. They were able to keep everyone within the project completely updated on what was going throughout the progression of the event with the help of flickr. One of the most common uses of flickr for nonprofits, however, is to create flyers and cards to send out promoting their businesses. Using flickr these companies can upload their photos and place them onto flyers and cards to grab the publics attention and get their interested in the businesses efforts.


My Mapping Project

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Here is a mapping project I have been working that pinpoints specific points around Orlando, Winter Park, and Rollins College! Check it out!


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I recently came across this website entitled Artists Striving To End Poverty (ASTEP.) This website focuses on social justice issues such as poverty and relates these issues to artists all over the world. The artists spotlighted on this website are a group of students from Julliard who have been directly affected by poverty through their lives. They decided to collectively create a program which would benefit poverty all over the world but their focus was children. The goal was to empower children that they can do whatever they put their minds to regardless of their economic statuses. 

This is a great example of social media for social change. These artists are striving to make change by promoting their talents to inspire others and better the lives of others.

the link the website is:

Facebook as a very beneficial tool

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In an aricle I found at, the authors have stated that facebook is now known as the the newest most beneficial tool when networking with professions and employers online. The study also compared its resutls to other social media tools such as twitter, linkdin, myspace, and youtube. The author continues to explain how much of a same it is that young people don’t use the site as a tool for finding their future employers. Facebook could be so beneficial to contacting with important people to widen opportunities for the futur, yet it is not used primarily for this purpose just yet.

deleted facebook

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It’s kind of a bummer ever since I deleted my facebook because I always feel completely out of the loop. This goes to show how huge facebook is and how important it has become for communication. Social networking sites like facebook can provide so much good in society if people would learn to use it appropriately.


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Hi Everyone,

I’m writing this post to basically warn everyone of the dangers of many types of social media. When I was younger I lived with a sexual predator who abused both my sister and I for over two years. Finally, after many years of abuse this man disappeared from my life and was placed into prison. 

When I came to college I wanted to be a part of facebook so I could meet and interact with friends. I changed my privacy settings many times and made sure that there was no information on my profile that could give away my whereabouts such as job, address, phone number, etc. However, I never thought to think that I would have to hide my network which at the time stated “Rollins 11.'”

Around two weeks ago I was friended by the same exact man from my past. I was immediately frightened but did not realize exactly how bad this situation could turn. Even though he had no way of viewing my profile he was able to see the Rollins 11 just by searching my name. LEss than two days later his car was spotted on campus right outside of my residence hall. Then two days after that he was spotted again on campus.

I’m writing the class about this because I want each of you to know that I was absolutely oblivious to how much information can be found out about a person even with multiple privacy settings.